6th March 2017


Sustainilbity. Design. Both are two words that have a very strong influence on eachother in this day and age. Sustainability is becoming a necessity to the future of the world. Given that design will always be a vast part of that world, It’s interesting too see the interlinks.

Now a little about myself…

I am an Interior Architect, from London. But at the moment I am taking a travelling year touring the beautiful country of Australia. During my year abroad, I want to stay as in touch with the design world as I can. And what better way than to write it all down.

Sustainability influences my design style, (being a vegan for similar principles) so i hope to explore the different ways it’s influencing Interior Design of today.


Aswell as these, I have a strong love for food, animals and pretty views. So if anything like that randomly pops up, apologies in advance.