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17th August 2017

Today’s Generation New Window To The Housing Crisis

It’s a well known fact that getting on the property ladder as a young adult is almost an impossible task. This is true in London, but it’s also a big epidemic right here in Melbourne. Fortunately for some people, their parents are giving them a little helping hand, by building an annex on their property.

My first reaction to this was, but how could you gain any privacy? What’s even the difference? Looking at the design of these studio flats that are being built on the edge of a parents property, it’s starting to seem like a great plan. It gives a freedom to our young generation of today whilst still being able to experience some of melbournes greatest spots. (Or at-least puts off high end rent prices for low end property’s…)

That’s exactly what the architects at Austin Maynard’s firm was implemented to design, seeing the end result of this recycled brick house makes you see this is idea in a whole new light.

“Melbourne does have one trick up its sleeve that many parents are increasingly exploring. Melbourne is strewn with under-utilised laneways and many home owners are creating a second residence in their backyard with frontage to the laneway, where their adult children can live during university and early employment,”

With this description by the Architects, it can be seen why this trend is taking off all over Melbourne. For some people this might just seem like a shiny way to distract the eye from sponging off of your parents a little longer. But with designs like this, who can blame them?! And with the state of the economy now, this may be one of the few answers we have left.



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