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21st April 2017

The Beauty of Ceramics.

I’m a 23 year old, travelling around Australia, free of responsibilities (to a point) and yet I spend a copious amount of hours on pinterest dreaming up a home of my own and I cannot walk past any of the pretty little design shops in Melbourne without having a peak at what they have to offer.

Recently, I keep spotting ceramics popping up on both pinterest and in these little shops. I am a big fan of this as I love all of the textures and layers of colour and the fact that, if your kitchenware doesn’t match exactly it doesn’t really matter. I am especially drawn to the ceramic mugs, because I have a slight mug obsession (the fact that I have to keep travelling around Australia at some point and carry everything with me, just about stops me from buying any out here…).

So instead of pining, I’m just going to share with you the objects I would purchase,

Ive put together a few ceramic kitchenware objects that I have been keeping my eye on lately and wanted to share with you.

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