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17th April 2017

Genbyg’s Recycled Design for Nordic Restaurant Väkst

I am a big fan of Danish Studio Genbyg, this is because they have a long history with using recycled materials in their design. They not only design heavily using sustainable resources, they also sell on recycled building materials to other studios to create an easy access to sustainable design.

A recent project by this studio was a design for a new plant based restaurant in Copenhagen called Väkstis.

The word Väkst is Danish for growth and the owner wanted this to be represented in not only the menu, but also the restaurant aesthetics swell. So it made clear sense for these two to join forces and the overall creation is an indoor greenhouse style restaurant that is stunning.

The Space reflects the Nordic Kitchen, whilst also combining the atmosphere of a city and a garden. “The idea was to create a vivid and organs space, like a garden party.” explained designer Rasmus Fex.

A lot of the refurbishment of this design has a lot of history. The main framed structure is built from repurposed windows and follows the pattern of traditional Nordic greenhouse’s. The counter is salvaged from old factory floorboards, while the shelving is taken from file drawers from the National Museum of Denmark’s Archive. The glass shelving has even been reused from a palace in Copenhagen, each part of this restaurant has such a diverse and interesting story.

Every bit of this place is recycled, from the cabinets made from wooden planks, the lamps being created using old milk cans to even the ceiling coverings that had once been table cloths.

This restaurant shows a strong example on why recycling has so much more depth than just creating new. The end result is not only a beautiful design, but is rich with so much history and authenticity, its hard not too love.

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