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1st April 2017

New Trend: Statement Flooring

Until recently, the fashionable way to design would be to use a simple backdrop with statement pieces. But this year, statement floors are becoming a new trend. This way creates so many more possibilities for design, it creates more dynamic and adventurous designs.

The Image above represents this in the best way, the designer has based most of the design on this statement floorboards, adding little detail to the rest of the design. This is successful because, the lack of business in the rest of the room stops this design from becoming cluttered.

Here are a few other ways to create a statement in your home, using only the floor…

Chevron Floors:

Chevron has come back in to style and will definitely stay around longer. So it seems right too add this into our home design as well. This design suits the natural marking of these wooden floorboards, it adds even more texture and depth.

Ceramic Tiles:

Tiled Floor is a trend that has hit back again, especially with the use of marbled tiles popping up.

Brushed Finishes:

Brushed Floorboards are a great way to add depth to a period property, it brings out a natural look and texture.


Cork Flooring is become very popular, mainly because of its economical values and design flexibility. Cork Floors will not absorb dust or bacteria, swell as being able to reduce noise within the home.

Chip Board:

Chipboard is durable and very easy too clean. It’s becoming to be seen as a stylish and easy way to update your home.

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